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Christmas in Cardiff

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 04-Dec-2016 07:46:00

Christmas is just around the corner – meaning many exciting events are happening across the city. From festive food and drinks to markets and seasonal attractions, Cardiff has something for everyone. Have a look what makes Christmas in Cardiff so special.

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Student of the Month for November

Posted by Celtic Team on 03-Dec-2016 07:22:00

Congratulations to Turkiah on winning "Student of the Month" for November!At Celtic English Academy we feel it is so important to recognise and reward commitment to one's studies. Our students are continuing to work incredibly hard to develop their level of English this term. 

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Accommodation while studying in Cardiff

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 29-Nov-2016 08:15:11

You have found your dream English language course, been accepted and now you are getting ready for your study abroad adventure. Great! Now it’s time to choose where you will stay...

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Study Tip: Adjectives ending in –ing and –ed

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 27-Nov-2016 07:06:00

Knowing when to use -ED and –ING adjectives can be confusing!

Don’t worry, this is something that many students struggle with.

It’s Sunday and here are some study tips to clarify this grammar point.

By reading this post you will be amazed how English grammar is amazing!

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Only 4 weekends till Christmas!

Posted by Celtic Team on 26-Nov-2016 07:00:00

So the countdown has begun and it’s only 4 shopping weekends till Christmas Day. But aside from the gifts themselves, Christmas is a special time to meet up with friends and family and enjoy those traditions which are saved for this time of the year. 

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Looking for words other than ‘nice’?

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 20-Nov-2016 08:21:00

Of the thousands of words we have in the English language, ‘nice’ seems to be one of the most popular. Everything is nice. Every song, every restaurant, every person is nice.There is nothing wrong with using the adjective ‘nice’, but if you want to enrich your language level, why not check out our list of synonyms?

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This week's student voice is that of Christian from Spain.

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 19-Nov-2016 08:26:00

Student Voice is a weekly glance into the experiences of students from all over the world who have studied with us at Celtic English Academy, here in Cardiff. These testimonials are a first-hand reflection of the impressions left on each student from their time at our academy in the capital city of Wales.

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How do Brits speak?

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 13-Nov-2016 08:03:00

As you study English in the UK (lush!)  you will sometimes hear the language that you usually can’t find in most dictionaries. These informal expressions are known as slang.  And we are not being funny but now in a minute we will teach some cracking words that our British mates use.

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How to prepare for studying abroad

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 09-Nov-2016 12:50:23

If you want to study abroad, especially for the first time, careful planning in these areas will help things go smoothly. That’s why we’ve put together some tips to think about before you start your journey.

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Study tip: ‘Wish’

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 06-Nov-2016 09:30:00

Do you ever wish you had a better job? Did you do something in the past that you wish you hadn’t? Do you ever wish for something that is unlikely, almost impossible? Perhaps there is something irritating you now that you would like to change?

It’s time for some #StudyTips, and today we are learning how to use ‘wish’ structures.

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