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Football vocabulary and idioms

Posted by Edyta Kadula on 17-Jun-2018 09:00:00

With the World Cup 2018 in full swing, why not brush up on your ‘football’ vocabularyCheck our new Study Tip lesson and learn new verbs, phrases and words.

football idioms.png

Idiomatic Expressions

“Get the ball rolling” = get something started / begin a process


We need to get everything ready for the party next week, so if you can get the ball rolling by sending the invites I would really appreciate it. 

“Get a kick out of something” = to enjoy doing something


I got a kick out of going swimming with everyone yesterday, it was lots of fun.   

“Watch from the sidelines” = someone observes a situation rather than taking direct action


I really needed your help to explain my problems to the bank, but you just watched from the sidelines!

“To know the score” = to be aware of the necessary facts


I’m really lucky; I don’t need to explain everything to my boyfriend because he knows the score.

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