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How to use SO & SUCH – add emphasis in English

Posted by Edyta Kadula on 24-Sep-2017 09:02:00

Welcome back to another #StudyTip lesson. Today we are going to teach you about two small but very important English words – so and such.

The words 'so' and 'such' can be used in a few different ways in English, but this lesson will focus on how these words can add emphasis to your sentences (to make the meaning of your sentences stronger).

For example:

  • It is such a nice day.
  • It is so beautiful outside.

Often, these words have a meaning that is similar to words like “very” and “really” in English sentences. So they help to make the meaning of your sentences stronger.

  • He is in a very good mood today.
  • He is in such a good mood today.

The word “so” is used with an adjective or an adverb.

  • It was so windy yesterday.
  • She sings so beautifully.
The word “such” can be used with a noun or a noun phrase. 
  • It was such a windy day yesterday.
  • She is such a great singer.

The word “so” can also be used in front of these words:

So much…
So many…

So little…

So few…

  • There are so many people here today!
  • You have so much to drink!
  • There was so little salt in the kitchen.
  • There were so few students in the classroom yesterday.

Remember there are lots more grammar lessons like this one on our blog.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and come back for our new lesson next Sunday! 

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