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Our summer teacher series: Introducing Jenn

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 13-Sep-2019 15:04:00

During the Summer, Celtic English Academy is at its busiest! So, this summer we have had lots of fantastic new teachers at Celtic. To get to know our summer teachers a bit better we had a chat with Jenn, whose been teaching at Celtic for the last few months.

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Classroom 18



Hi Jenn! How long have you been teaching for?

I’ve been teaching for about ten years. I’ve taught in different countries around the world, including Spain and Ukraine. I worked at Celtic for about five years and then I went to Spain to teach for 9 months. I’ve been back teaching at Celtic for 2 two months now!


Classroom 28


What do you enjoy about teaching at Celtic?

The thing that I enjoy the most about teaching at Celtic is probably the fact that we have students from all over the world. So, in a class you can get a really good nationality mix. One of the best things is when you see students from different cultures and different countries making friends and forming life-long friendships.

Do you have a top tip for learning English?

My top tip for learning English is to speak from day one. Don’t wait until you’ve studied enough grammar, or you’ve studied enough vocabulary. And don’t wait until you think that what you have studied is perfect. Just start speaking immediately!

What’s your favourite thing about living in Cardiff?

My favourite thing about living in Cardiff is the amount of green space we have in the city. Cardiff is a really green city, one of the greenest in Europe. It’s really good to be able to take advantage of that either at the weekend or in the evenings and go to the parks, spend time outside, go for a picnic and just enjoy being surrounded by nature!






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