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This week's homestay provider voice is from Aled

Posted by Elodie Mallet on 12-Apr-2019 16:40:00

The Homestay Voice is an opportunity to glance into the experiences of our homestay who are welcoming International students here in Cardiff. This testimonial is a first-hand reflection of the impression on our homestay provider for hosting students in their home.

At Celtic English Academy we value our homestay's feedback, opinions and experience always using them to refine and improve the experiences for our future students.


Homestay provider, Aled

Here is what Aled had to say about his experience to welcome international students.

  • The host : Aled
  • Nationality : Welsh

Aled is a lecturer at Cardiff University. He has been hosting students in Cardiff for almost 20 years and has hosted for many different local colleges. Aled loves history and reading. 
Aled's house is located in the leafy suburb of Pontcanna in north Cardiff. There are many coffee shops, takeaways, restaurants, pubs and shops on your doorstep; less than five minutes walk away.
The area is very safe and quiet.


Do you usually keep in touch with your students after they leave?

 Yes, definitely! 

Last year, I went back to Oman to see my student Amar.

We also went together to Italy with his wife for a trip.


What are you enjoying the most for having student? 

I really enjoy getting to know more about the culture and learning new words.

I love to welcome international students, I have a great connection with people from all over the world.

Some years ago, one of my students contacted me directly asking to stay in my house instead of to be accommodated in a hotel or somewhere else.


Whats is the most difficult thing about having students?

Nothing !

If you have a lot of respect, it works perfectly.


What is your favorite memory with your current and previous students?

 I went to London with my current student, it was his first time for him to visit the capital of UK and he was so grateful for the opportunity.

We also planned to watch the football Chelsea match.


During your spare time, what do you usually do with your students?

I love cooking with my students.

I would happily adapt my way of cooking for them and sometimes mix my welsh dishes with their traditional meal.


Would your recommend hosting students to other people? 

Yes, definitely.

 My cleaner realised that she really enjoyed spending time with my students, so she also decided to become homestay provider.


How long have you welcome international students?

6 years.

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