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Everything about Homestay & Student Residence

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 20-Apr-2017 11:46:59

Studying abroad is a big decision to make, and where you choose to live is a central part of your study abroad experience. It's important therefore that you have all the information you want before you start your journey with us. Read the answers to the most common questions we are asked about our student accommodation. 

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Living with a host family abroad

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 31-Jan-2017 14:49:00

Every Homestay experience is different. Like anything else in life, it can have its pros and cons. Our Accommodation Officer- Lisa shares her top tips on how to get the most out of your time with a temporary family.

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Accommodation while studying in Cardiff

Posted by Edyta CelticEnglish on 29-Nov-2016 08:15:11

You have found your dream English language course, been accepted and now you are getting ready for your study abroad adventure. Great! Now it’s time to choose where you will stay...

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Wales v London in rental accommodation.

Posted by Pete Price on 22-Jun-2015 11:07:00

Whilst browsing through Wales Online i stumbled across this interesting article comparing what you would expecct to get for your money when renting accommodation in Wales and London. It was no surprise to find that prices in Wales would be cheaper, but the contrast in this article is astonishing. See you in Wales :)

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Posted by celticschoolblog on 24-Nov-2012 14:15:47

When staying in Cardiff, you have the choice between staying in a Student Residence or staying together with a host family. Many people choose to live independently in a residence, because they want to be in close contact with other international students, and they don’t want to be obliged to follow the rules of a host family, but rather be able to do whatever they want and do things whenever they want. In my opinion, though, there are also a lot of reasons that argue in favor of staying in a host family. From my experience I can tell, that living in a host family is not like some people imagine it would be. You can come and go basically whenever you want, and there are not a lot of regulations you have to follow. Additionally the family provides you with nice and fresh food every day. The strongest point of living in a host family is, that you ALWAYS have somebody to talk to, it nearly never happens, that you are alone at home or that you are bored, because there is always somebody you can have a nice chat with if you want.

If you are lucky there are more international students staying with the same family, which will make your stay even better in my opinion, especially on your first few days, because it will be easier for you to make new friends fast and get to know more people, who might be able to show you some nice places in town etc. After all, I can say that it was definitely the right decision to stay in a host family. There was always a nice and casual atmosphere, which made me really feel at home in Cardiff. For the people, who are really bent on improving their English skills, while getting to know the Welsh way of living the host family is the way to go. :-)

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Accommodation Options for Your Stay

Posted by celticschoolblog on 31-Jul-2012 13:24:36

As you will be staying in Cardiff for quite a while during your English language course, we want to make sure you are comfortable, so there are a range of accommodation options for you to choose from. You can find private accommodation for yourself with our assistance, or we have various places that we run ourselves.

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