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Andrew's BEST EVER Sunday roast 🍴😛

Posted by Ceri N on 01-Nov-2018 11:34:00

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Marie's secrets ..... 🤫🥝🏉

Posted by Ceri N on 04-Oct-2018 13:29:00

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A warm farewell to our intern, Mila 👋

Posted by Edyta Kadula on 05-May-2018 11:10:00

Sadly, we had to say good bye to our intern, Mila last week. In this blog, she writes about what she learnt during her time at Celtic English Academy.

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Christmas at Celtic English Academy 

Posted by Celtic Team on 19-Dec-2017 14:00:00

Christmas at Celtic is always fun! We are so lucky to be in such a festive city. As we walk through Cardiff and see all the colourful street market stalls, big blue star lights and the hot chocolate takeaway cups, we can’t help but be thankful for the Christmas traditions we have here. We have Winter Wonderland ice-skating, Santa’s grotto within the castle walls and many more. We encourage you to join in with the celebrations.

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Join our campaign "Don’t fill the landfill"

Posted by Edyta Kadula on 04-Aug-2017 11:58:51

We at Celtic English Academy are pleased to invite everyone to join our new campaign “Don’t fill the landfill”. We hope you can support our aim and help to gain 5,000 signatures.

As the start of the summer term, our teacher Claire with her students started a class project on recycling. They have discovered that many residents aren’t recycling correctly and found that a lot of people simply don’t know which items could be recycled and they did not realise how long landfill items would take to biodegrade.  

“When we informed them, they were shocked and wanted to do more to recycle. This encouraged us to come up with a possible solution to limit the amount of items placed incorrectly in black/green bags. We hope this will encourage people to take more responsibility for their waste management and, in the process, prevent recyclable items from going straight to landfill,” says Claire.

Claire’s class has submitted her petition to the National Assembly to urge the Welsh government to either issue new black wheelie bin stickers or printed wheelie bins which encourage people across Wales to consider the bin’s contents before leaving it on the kerbside for collection.

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Mandela Day with a twist at Celtic

Posted by Edyta Kadula on 18-Jul-2017 15:33:53

As some of you may be aware, today is Nelson Madela day. Nelson Mandela dedicated 67 years of his life to public service and to mark the day, the Nelson Mandela Foundation asks people to dedicate 67 minutes to doing good deeds.

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April's account of the English UK Teachers conference on behalf of Celtic English Academy.

Posted by Pete Price on 13-Nov-2015 09:00:00

Celtic English Academy are so proud to see our teachers April and Ceri representing our academy in London with cutting edge research and innovative stratergies in teaching English. Heres what April had to say about the great experience and opportunity.

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Celtic English Academy teachers fundraising fast for Ramadan with Muslim Students.

Posted by Pete Price on 25-Jun-2015 16:38:00

This month is the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims all over the world fast (no food or water) every day from 3am til 9.30pm.

One of Celtic's teacher writes about his great fundraising iniative to mark this important month for students:

"Can you imagine trying to study for your exams while doing this (fasting for Ramadan)?!

I can't, but I thought I would try, if only for 1 day, on Friday 3rd July.

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Our students' New Year's Resolution 2015

Posted by Celtic Team on 09-Jan-2015 17:17:00

Very Happy New Year everyone!

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Celtic in the Community

Posted by celticchristina on 23-Feb-2014 16:37:24

As an independent language school, Celtic knows how important it is to look after our students. Our academic team and support staff take pride in offering friendly and efficient service both in and out of the classroom. Not only do we value our students' needs but we also value the needs of our community. Throughout the UK there are some wonderful charities which help people in difficult situations and provide schools like ours an opportunity to give back. Every year Celtic School takes advantage of this opportunity and gives to those causes that matter most to our staff and students.

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