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LanguageCert: Get qualified with the International ESOL at Celtic.

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 29-Sep-2019 15:04:00

We are dedicated to giving you the best opportunities during your stay here at Celtic. Recently we've become an approved test centre for the LanguageCert English Language tests. Not sure what these are? Read our blog to find out more about what the exams consist of, who they're recognised by and more! 



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Our Junior Summer Programme team from North Wales

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 16-Aug-2019 15:04:00

At the end Junior Summer Programme in Bangor, North Wales we'd like to say thank you to all of the staff that participated.  Here are just a few more of the staff who have made it all possible.

Much like our students at Celtic in Cardiff the students in North Wales visit to improve their English and join in with lots of fun activities. Our programme offers a good balance of culture, sport and entertainment with lots of opportunity to make new friends!  


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Conversation Cafe: The Power of Friendship

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 12-Aug-2019 15:04:00

To celebrate making friends across the world we spent some time in our weekly conversation cafe talking to our students about what Friendship means to them. 


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Meet the team: Our Junior Summer Programme staff

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 29-Jul-2019 15:04:00

Our Junior Summer Programme has started in Bangor, North Wales and we're keen to introduce you to some key members of staff who will be helping us out for the summer.

Our programme offers a good balance of culture, sport and entertainment with lots of opportunity to make new friends! Meet some of the team below: 


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IELTS: Top tips on how to pass

Posted by Melissa Wilson on 16-Jul-2019 15:04:00

It's no secret that IELTS is considered to be one of the most difficult English Language tests to take - we hope the information below will help you achieve the results you need.

We caught up with our Marketing Officer, Narumi, who took her IELTS test in April for a visa application. Read what she has to say about how to prepare, what to expect and how she found her test day in London.  


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Marta's tips to pass your Cambridge Exam!

Posted by Elodie Mallet on 04-Apr-2019 10:38:00


Our fantastic Assistant Operations Manager, Marta, originally from Spain passed her FCE (First) years ago.

She also obtained her CAE (Advanced) and then her CPE (Proficiency).

Marta wants to share with your her tips and advice to be well prepared to pass this Cambridge exam.



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Lena - for the love of books!

Posted by April Pugh on 14-Feb-2019 08:00:00


My name is Lena, I am from Germany and I will be working as an intern at Celtic English Academy for the next six weeks. My first blog post is about a very special day – February 14th.

I am sure everyone knows that Valentine’s Day is celebrated on this day. Though originally a Christian feast day, nowadays it is widely known as a celebration of love. On this day, many people all over the world give gifts to their loved ones; especially to boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands or wives. But there is more to this date: February 14th also marks the annual International Book Giving Day.

The International Book Giving Day was first celebrated in the UK but has since spread to many countries all around the world. Its aim is to provide access to books for children in need, and to install a lifelong love of reading in these children. Therefore, many people either give books as gifts to their own children, donate books to children’s libraries, schools and charities or leave books in places where they’ll be found.

I asked some of the staff at Celtic about a book character they love and why they think this book would be a nice gift. So maybe this year you can combine Valentine’s Day and International Book Giving Day and give a book to someone you love on February 14th.


Here are some recommendations:

April's choiceMy favourite character is Severus Snape from the Harry Potter series. He is not what you first suspect, and he keeps you guessing – you never really know whether he is good or evil. And he never gives up on his true love!

Why is the Harry Potter series a good gift? The books appeal to people of all ages and nationalities. They are magical and they are full of life-lessons.


Alex's choice - The character I love best is Arya Stark from the Game of Thrones series. After seeing her father die, she pretends to be a boy and wants to take revenge on all her enemies. You can see her development towards a warrior-figure throughout the series!

Why is the Game of Thrones series a good gift? It features very many great and diverse characters and offers you a whole new universe to explore. It is rich of both fantastic elements and a lot of political intrigue.


Helen's choice - I first read Alice in Wonderland when I was 7 years old, and Alice has been my favourite character ever since. She is adventurous and just adapts to the strange new world she is confronted with. I wanted to be like her and most of all I admired her bravery. And I really enjoy imagining her world!

Why is Alice in Wonderland a good gift? The book is timeless and could have been written any time. The story is exciting, visually psychedelic, funny and charming. Alice in Wonderland is a template for children’s books and the original edition is beautifully illustrated (if you can, try and get the illustrated book!). It is also forward-thinking because Alice as a girl did not have any limits, although the book was written at a time when women weren’t supposed to go on adventures.


Last but not least, here is my opinion: My favourite book character is Bob. Bob is not a man, as you might think, but a ginger tom cat. In the memoir A Street Cat Named Bob, formerly homeless author James Bowen tells the story of how he changed his life for the better with Bob’s help. Bob is funny, cute, independently-minded and compassionate – and he is real and lives in London!

Why is A Street Cat Named Bob a good gift? Bob’s story touches your heart and makes you think differently about homeless people because you get to see their side of the story. The friendship between man and cat is remarkable and the book is funny and easy to understand.


So, I hope I've inspired you to get reading and maybe give your loved one a book this year. Let me know in the comments who your favourite characters are. 


Images from: https://jakubmaslowski.artstation.com/projects/dV9bJ




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IELTS - what to expect and how best to prepare for success!

Posted by April Pugh on 06-Dec-2018 15:15:18

The exam tests all four main communication skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Take a look at our helpful table which provides an overview of each part of the exam and some of the rules. 

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Verb patterns: Using Infinitive or Gerund

Posted by April Pugh on 22-Nov-2018 13:13:34

Verb patterns in English can be confusing. There are some instances when the verb is in the infinitive form, and others when the verb is in the gerund. Here are some guidelines to help you understand when to use each one. 

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English Phrasal Verbs

Posted by April Pugh on 27-Oct-2018 13:19:20

Understanding English Phrasal Verbs can be difficult. Don’t worry, this is something that many students struggle with. Here are some examples which explain the meanings and show how you can use them. By reading this post your English vocabulary will soon take off!

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