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Victoria Park - Cardiff's Victorian Zoo

Posted by Marie Davies on 23-May-2019 14:28:00

Cardiff is home to 330 parks and gardens including Bute Park, Roath Park and Gorsedd Gardens.

Today, find out about Victoria Park and it's interesting history!

  Vcitoria park_entrance sign_parc victoria

Opening times: 07:30 - 30 minutes before sunset

How to get there: Cardiff Bus 17 & 18 from Westgate Street to Victoria Park

Victoria Park is one of Cardiff's best-loved parks. But it hasn't always been a park...

Victoria Park Zoo; 1908

Victoria Park was once a zoo housing interesting animals from all over the world such as crocodiles, armadillos and a monkey called "Jack". But most interesting of all was a male seal called "Billy" who joined the zoo in 1915. However it wasn't until Billy died that it was discovered it was a female seal! 

You can see the statue of Billy the seal in Victoria Park.

Victoria park_billy the seal_victoria park zoo


Splashpad and Sports in the Park

As well as the fascinating history of the park for visitors to discover, there is also plenty of activities to get involved with!

For children, there's the Splashpad; an outdoor water park and pool located where the Victorian pond would have been. The tennis courts, football fields and beach volleyball courts make it a perfect place to enjoy the warm summer evenings with friends.

Victoria park_beach volleyball courts_sports in the park

The Bandstand 

The beautiful structure in the centre of the park called The Bandstand dates back to 1897. It was used for musicians to perform in the park to the public.

It is still occasionally used for musicians to perform, but also for local people to meet up and dance.

Victoria park_v7

Why not take a walk around Victoria Park to see the beautiful flowerbeds, the wonderful structures and take part in some fun activities.

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